Has The American Dream Crossed The Border?

Yes, tacos, tequila, white sand beaches and palm trees seem like key components of a dream-worthy life, but I’m not talking about the United States – Mexican Border, I’m talking about Canada. America’s Northern Neighbour – the one full of snow, maple syrup and ice hockey may have taken over the American Dream. Ever since the election of Donald Trump, Canadians have been gloating over their sane political discourse. I mean for starters; we don’t have a leader that uses the word big league or boasts about the size of his hands. But does the Canadian take-over of the American Dream allow Canadians an increase in bragging rights?

For most people, the American Dream is viewed as a national ethos that sees every American as having equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work and determination, irrespective of their financial background. Americans have firmly stood behind their ability to achieve what they want, if they work hard for it. But is todays American system failing them? Is America falling behind? Is the American Dream dead? Since Canadians don’t define their own version of a Canadian Dream, let’s use the American definition to see who’s winning.

By The Numbers:

Education: 59% of Canadians have a post secondary degree versus 46% of Americans.

Home Ownership Rate: 68% of Canadians own a home versus 63% of Americans.

Life Expectancy: Canadians live until about 81.2 years on average versus 78.7 years in America.

What About Think Tanks?

The Cato Institute’s Human Freedom Index places Canada 6th in the world while America has fallen behind to the 23rd spot. The Heritage Foundation’s Economic Freedom Index places Canada 7th whereas America is 17th. And finally, the Reporters Without Borders’ places Canada 22nd when it comes to freedom of the press versus America which is at a staggering 43.

As is customary for any Canadian, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my southern neighbours for stealing your spotlight. America, you may be the leader of the free world, but Canadians are leading a clear path towards the pursuit of happiness, life and liberty.



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