even smallerHi! I’m Aamir Hajeeyani, your average social-media-loving millennial. You’ve somehow landed at The Millennial Watch, your not-so-average source for all things politics. Here’s some flavour into me and my blog.

About TMW: The Millennial Watch is a blog that aims to reach those who say “I don’t care about politics, it doesn’t affect me.”  My objective is to slither through political headlines and simplify political jargon to give you my take on what’s happening in the world. My blogs are intended for a millennial audience, so if thats you, you’re in good hands! I always welcome feedback and comments, on the contact page you can tell me what you think.

About Me: I am a Toronto native, with an Indian, Pakistani, Tanzanian and Burmese heritage. I know it’s confusing, but here is how it goes: someone in my family way-back-when was born in India, and eventually my paternal grandparents moved to Burma (now Myanmar) and my maternal great grandparents moved to Tanzania. My father is Burmese and my mother is Tanzanian, but with political strife in both countries, my parents wounded up as refugees in Pakistan at a young age where they were eventually raised. They began dating while in Karachi and later decided to search for a better life, so they emigrated to Canada in 1987 where they would later get married. A few years later a star was born. I appreciate you thinking the star I am referring to is me, but I am talking about my sister. My sister by training is a “mathematician”, a graduate of the University of Waterloo who studied Actuarial Science. I on the hand, struggle to complete long division. My passion was politics, and therefore, I pursued a BA majoring in Political Science from the University of Toronto. I spend a lot of my time watching cable media and am obsessed with late night talk shows. Stephen Colbert is my idol.


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